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Some questions about osgRiver ???

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Joined: 14 Oct 2013
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:12 pm    Post subject:
Some questions about osgRiver ???
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Dear all,

This is a slightly delayed response, I have to admit I am longer actively following this mailing list.

A few years I posted my work on river rendering as a submission for the osgOcean project. Unfortunately I do not have the time to maintain this project but maybe I can at least respond to some issues.

MCA4213 wrote:
I have just tested osgRiver(from alphapixel com) and the river is not displyed correctly

I have to speculate but there might be compatability issues due to the fact that I last tested the project back in June 2010. Since then new versions of osg, opengl and drivers have been released and either of these might cause issues. Perhaps reverting to a previous environment might shed some light on the exact problems.

Chris Hanson wrote:

Just to be clear, AlphaPixel has no affiliation with osgRiver. I just snagged a copy when it was posted years ago, and when it disappeared from mailing-list archives, I made my copy available to anyone who wants it.

It does appears that the original download location is no longer working, thanks for making your copy available.

kcbale wrote:

I can answer your first question. osgRiver was never integrated into the trunk because I felt that the way it had been combined in its current state needed some work and sadly I simply haven't had time to work on it. I haven't gone over the code for a long time but I seem to remember thinking that it might be more appropriate for osgRiver to exist as a separate nodekit rather than amalgamated into osgOcean since although they share a lot of effects and are both water based, the problems they are trying to solve are quite different.

I have to agree that this has always been a difficult issue. Much of the water shader code is shared between osgOcean and osgRiver but the water surface is represented and animated in an entirely different way. This creates compatability issues, especially on transition areas between ocean and river. Perhaps some blending scheme could be investigated but this is not a trivial problem to solve and unfortunately I do not have the time to do this.

Because osgRiver hasn't been maintained for over three years I don't think it should be considered as a ready to use library in its current form. However, anyone interested in river rendering in osg could definitely use it as a starting point.

Anyone interested in a high level overview on the techniques used in osgRiver could glance over the poster:
graphics . tudelft . nl / ~ruben / PosterI3D2010 . pdf

Kind regards,

Quintijn Hendrickx

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